When we were teenagers we wanted to be the sky
Now all we wanna do is go to red places
And try to stay outta hell

"Colors And The Kids"

You thought winning as a woman meant failing as a friend,
It is not an art statement to drown a few passionate men

I can mingle with the stars & throw a party on Mars
I am a prisoner locked up behind Xanax bars
I have just boarded a plane without a pilot
And violets are blue,

Roses are red

Daisies are yellow,

The flowers are dead

I first saw her in a megastore,
The dayglo raven born into a freefall,
Like plastic easter basket grass falling from an overpass,
A fulfillment of a tenth grade prophecy,
A motel masterpiece,
Blind to the branching possibilities,
Blind to limited impossibilities

"A Cowboy Overflow Of The Heart

Do not be afraid to let it take you without jealousy,
it’s guiltless pleasure, it’s freedom to its possessor
Attraction’s a treasure we can not hold,
and the sake of one lover denies seduction’s hold.
I answer to beauty, not weakness but reason,
not spite but seasons, not wrong but feelings.

"The Speeding Train"

Sleep is a state of mind
And to know is to be on your way
I bought some bad drugs off these snotty little rave kids I met
And I shuffled off to Buffalo


Checked myself into emergency, urgently.
Drove up in my bone-camarrow, thinking only about you.
The doctor walked her crew of surgeons to the table where I lay
I came to, and my knee-caps were off.
They were soft, I had Jellybones

"Jelly Bones"

The city is haunted
And nobody loves me

"And Heaven Turned To Her Weeping"

All a dagger can ever be
Is a ship against the sea
Turning to snow…

"Certain Things You Ought To Know"

Skinmags in the brambles
For the first part of my life
I thought women had orange skin
It was the first part of my life
The second is the rest

Tight toy night, streets were so bright
The world looked so thin and between my bones and skin
There stood another person who was a little surprised
To be face to face with a world so alive


See the street-litter twisting in the wind
Crisp bags turning
See B&H cartons laughing in the wind
Road-litter turning
Spent forty-five minutes last night
Parallel crease, pow!
There’s a good mid-afternoon breeze
In the air now
Welcome treats from party
My brain is clear now
No more Red Wedge in the pub or ZTT stuff

"Cruiser’s Creek"

Drinking with the enemy
He’s got a girl on every arm
He sits down and circulates
In the office of hearts
He’s case closed middleman

"Office of Hearts"

What do you do when you’re sleeping?
Where did you go when you said:

"I don’t need nobody on my bond"
Where do your friends go?
Where do they see you?
What did you want to be?
Ahh shut the hell…
Shut your mouth

"He Would Have Laughed"

I finally broke into the prison,
I found my place in the chain.
Even damnation is poisoned with rainbows

"The Old Revolution"